StudioClio is a cultural institute located in Porto Alegre. I’ve chosen to work on this project due to my sympathy for the company, which is locally renowned for running high-quality lectures and events. The fields of knowledge discussed include Visual Arts, Music, Literature, Gastronomy and Philosophy.
The majority of StudioClio's public is composed of 40+ year old individuals who work in the creative industry. After a detailed marketing analysis I’ve established that, in order to keep expanding, the Institute must also attract a younger audience. Creating private bespoke activities for corporations would likewise provide the financial boost StudioClio needs in order to continue growing within a city where the government support of culture is scarce.
In order to approach the new clientele, a new story had to be told. Not only does a brand extension enhance StudioClio’s portfolio but it also permits to communicate a new kind of service formulated for the demanding corporate public. The chosen concepts for the project are: Classicism/humanism, customisation and exclusivity.
To achieve visual consistency, I decided to create the new brand by deconstructing the original StudioClio brand. In terms of meaning, the quill complements the scroll - both being essential tools used in classical times for spreading knowledge.
Stationary: folder, bookmarks, envelope...
Online tool that presents decision makers with events selected based on company interests and profile. An in-built algorithm and list of pre-defined events match the users choices. At the end of the process, specific requests can also be made.
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